Top Reasons You need to Install a Home Alarm System

Our safety always comes first no matter what. While the numbers show that there’s a decline in crime rate throughout the country, statistics nevertheless show that we need to take extra caution when it comes to protecting our home and family from burglars and all sorts of bad people.

From the latest FBI crime report in 2012, cases of residential burglaries reached over 2 million offenses. Considering this, it is really worth augmenting our security – even if it means investing a few dollars. By taking concrete steps, we can certainly make our homes a burglar-free zone.

Making your home inaccessible to any intruders takes action. First of all, by making your house a less-likely-target for a thief you will significantly reduce the risks of housebreaking incidents. To a skilled and seasoned burglar, it will only take about a few minutes to get inside your residence. So the key really is to ‘thief-proof’ your home.

Apart from the most fundamental steps of safeguarding your residence from intrusive entries, such as locking your doors at all times, keeping your valuables at truly ‘secret’ places (definitely not in drawers or underneath your bed mattress), installing good door and window locks, keeping your keys safe, keeping your lawn well-manicured, having proper lighting, and so forth, setting up a good alarm system inside your house is also imperative when it comes to increasing your security.

In fact, equipping our house with a good burglar alarm is multi-purpose. There are many other reasons why having a security system installed can help us in many ways, especially in emergency situations. So if you think that having a home monitoring system is not necessary, consider the following:

1. Fire detection and safety

While it’s true that your main purpose is to ward off potential thieves from breaking into your home, a home security system can in fact also help you prevent fire. Most companies offer this dual type of alarm system. It has the capability of contacting your local fire station or police department. This dual capacity indeed boosts your house’s protection from common house dangers. Considering the many cases of fire reported in the United States, having this kind of system built in your home is indeed worth investing in.

2. Flexible home monitoring

With ‘mobility’ being the norm these days, you can definitely monitor your home anytime, anywhere. Most home alarm systems can warn you through a text or an email message sent to your mobile phone. So that when someone gets inside your house, or when the garage door opens, you can receive an instant alert every time. In addition, some really good companies offer other monitoring features as well as security notifications sent directly to your phone; such as sending you an image of your child’s coming and leaving the house and so forth. Anyway, you can customize such functions whenever you like.

3. Speed up emergency response

Still not convinced? Think about this: you are at work and your kid or mother needs immediate medical attention. There’s no other quicker way to have an ambulance or law enforcement respond to such emergency situation than having a security system; especially if this person has limited mobility or can’t get direct access to a telephone. How so you might ask.

Well, they can use a wireless controller that can transmit signals to the monitoring system. Once triggered, your security unit will then contact emergency department for them. If you are concerned about your family’s safety in the event of any emergency situation, it is indeed worth having an alarm system in the house right?

Whichever way we see it, having a burglar alarm or a house monitoring system installed in our homes is a win-win situation. Besides the fact that even law enforcers recommend it, it is one of the proven and tested methods when it comes to boosting and maintaining home security. Check out your options and see which ones suit your budget and needs.