Practical Tips on Preventing Home Burglary

Burglars can be smart. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t outsmart them. We definitely can make our homes and families feel safer and secure by applying some measures that can boost the security of our houses as well as assist the cops in maintaining peace and order in our community. So what can you do?

Remember the ‘basics’. Always make sure that you lock up your doors and secure the windows before leaving your house or before going to bed at night. Even if you just go out for a short dog walk, be sure to lock all doors, including the garage door. In addition, it is recommended that you check your locks from time to time and replace them when necessary. If you have ‘push-button-lock’ door knobs, consider setting up a deadbolt on your doors as well.

alarm system

Make your home uninviting to burglars. It is vital that your home always appears to be occupied whether or not you are indeed there. Don’t ever let prowlers notice your absence. Leave the lights on while you’re away. If you have to be out for a long time, you may link them to an automatic device that will regulate your home’s lighting day and night. Remember that proper indoor and outdoor lighting is imperative for home security. Also, arrange for lawn trimming during your absence and don’t leave things outdoors, such as your bike, lawn mower, barbecue stand, your kid’s toys.

Keep your keys with you. Trust me; burglars know where your ‘secret’ key hiding place is. So do not put your key in a flowerpot, under the mat, or any other locations in your house.

Install a reputable home alarm system. Authorities highly recommend the installation of a good burglar alarm system in your home. This of course provides residents peace of mind especially when they’re away for a trip. There is a wide array of security systems available today. Make sure however that you choose a company that can offer the most efficient security devices as well as round-the-clock, professional customer support.

Your security is not only the duty of the cops. You too have the responsibility of making sure that your home is safe from burglars and that you take every possible measure to increase your family’s safety and security. So if you don’t want thieves or any other offender to disrupt your peaceful living or steal any of your properties, follow the tips above and you’re going to be alright.