5 Steps to Outwitting Potential Burglars

What’s really inside a thief’s mind? In most cases we can’t really tell–well, not if we get some ideas straight from the horse’s mouth.Whether or not you are now considering getting a good home alarm system for your house, take a good peak at what these crooks think or might do just to initiate their wicked plan. Read on so you can outwit them even before they can lurk and take a single step right into your property.

1. Great in role-playing–Déjà vu? Not really. If you wonder why someone looks familiar, it is simply because you might have seen them before, consciously or unconsciously. Burglars often disguise themselves, act as your local carpet-cleaning boy, a painter, an appliance delivery man, a plumber, gardener, you name it. Yes, he can be a jack-of-all trade.So if you think you’ve seen your offender before, chances are you really did have.These guys can get really creative just to get in and plot their misdeed. So next time you hire someone to mow your lawn or fix the broken faucet, be sure they are legit.

2. May I use the toilet?– It may be unavoidable to let a visitor use your bathroom. But you can definitely avoid allowing this to be a possible threat to your personal safety. Not that you’ll act like a paranoid. But when it comes to the security of your own abode, better be one step ahead of the game. Don’t give them any hint of chance by always checking your bathroom after a hired service worker uses it. You won’t lose anything by checking whether your bathroom window is still properly latched or not.

3. Newspapers on your doorstep–Prowlers are experts when it comes to detecting whether you’re at home or not. If you’ll be out of town for a holiday or business trip, make sure that you put all of your newspaper or magazine subscription deliveries on hold while you’re out of town, before you give thieves a clue of your absence.

4. Perfect spot for alarms–Most intruders access either the kitchen window right above the sink or the windows leading to the master’s bedroom. Where else do you keep your jewelry box and cash right? So it is a smart idea to set up your security device in these window areas most importantly. In addition, keep your alarm system away from outsider’s view.

5. It pays to apply a simple security trick–An average housewife may have discovered this a long time ago. Playing a trick on your potential thieves can help; such as leaving the lights, radio, or the TV on while you’re out. If you are hesitant about this step, there are certain TV simulator devices available today that can actually fake the gleaming glow of your television.

From barking dogs to a more sophisticated home security system, your options for protecting your home and family vary. Make sure that the method you pick is something that can truly meet your safety and budget needs.